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Heston and Hounslow Rifle Club History


The first club was founded in 1912 by one Major A.H.Pain, an officer with the Gordon Highlanders, who was resident in Heston Hall, Heston. At that time the club was part of the Westbrook Memorial Institute and was called“The Heston Rifle Club”  using the ranges within the Institutes grounds.

Major Pain continued to be the club President until 1922 when he moved away from the area.

Major Arthur Henry Pain of the Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Lieutenant 3rd Sept 1870, Lieut 28th Oct 1871, Captain 9th Mar 1881, Major 1st Sep 1886 - served in The Egyptian War of 1882, and was present at the battle of Tel-el-Kebir (Medal with clasp, and Khedive's Star)


In this year “The Hounslow & Spring Grove Rifle Club”,a club founded in 1907 by the officers of the Royal Fusiliers based at Hounslow Barracks, merged with “The Heston Rifle Club” at the Westbrook Memorial.

The Club then became known as“The Hounslow, Heston & Spring Grove Rifle Club”.This Merging had come about due to the land that Hounslow & Spring Grove Rifle Club had used as ranges, being sold to the Middlesex Education Committee).

1962 – 1965

During these years, it became known that the Memorial Institute Trusties would close the Institute and sell the land once the last of its tenants either died or moved on. ( The latter not really being an option as the tenant had nowhere else to go .)

The Club had a long battle with the council and Heston Parochial Trusties concerning relocation, with the outcome that Hounslow Borough Council provided the land in Green Lane Hounslow for the new range and clubhouse site.

Although most of the building was now in very poor condition, the club continued to shoot at the Memorial Grounds until late 1967 when the new range buildings had been completed in Green Lane.


On moving to their new site in Green Lane, the club shortened its name to “Heston And HounslowRifle Club” and is still situated on this land to date.

1977 – 2010

The Junior Years

During this period of time, Heston And Hounslow started to produce a string of Juniors who went on to become members of the Great Britain Junior Squad.

Gary Cox, Allison Keen, Suzanne Keen,

Emma Keen (World Champion and Junior Record Holder)

Greg Williams,Paul Dunsby, Leah Brough and Sheree Cox


Our Centenary Year

Commemorative change to Heston and Hounslow club badge

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